What Does Owning an Australian Shepherd Say About You?

Many people seek out specific dog breeds because they love the look of the dog or the lifestyle that a particular breed promises. An Australian Shepherd is an extremely popular option that you may gravitate toward, but what does owning an Australian Shepherd say about you? It may give you more insight into who you are than you think.

Owning an Australian Shepherd says that you live an active lifestyle and are more outgoing. You are committed to providing mental stimulation for your dog, appreciate solid training, and are a bit more resilient and adaptable when it comes to facing things head-on. You also love a good challenge.

For more information on what this breed represents, what it says about you, and how it impacts your daily routine, here is what you need to know.

What Do Australian Shepherds Represent?

When you think about all of the possible dog breeds you could add to your family, the Australian Shepherd paints a unique picture in the mind of dog owners everywhere. Not only are these dogs the epitome of beauty among canine companions, but they also represent hard work.

Australian Shepherds are a working dog breed that loves to have a job. Their herding instincts are quite strong, and they can go for hours with minimal breaks. They also excel in other areas that require lots of hard work such as police work, guide dogs, and even in search and rescue missions.

This dog breed represents lots of energy, but they also are intensely loyal to their person. If you want a dog who will do just about anything you ask, you can’t go wrong with this breed.

What Does Owning an Australian Shepherd Say About You?

If you are curious about what an Australian Shepherd says about you or your lifestyle, here are a few key things to consider before adding one of these four-legged friends to your family.

You Live an Active Lifestyle

It’s no secret that the Australian Shepherd is known for its extremely high energy levels and agility. They are born to work hard, day after day with minimal breaks. Owners who bring one of these dogs into the families and expect them to be couch potatoes are often unhappy with their dogs – and their dogs are often unhappy with them.

To keep your Australian Shepherd happy and out of trouble, you will need to be active with them.

This means that owning one of these dogs says that you lead a relatively active lifestyle. You won’t be able to work your dog completely within the four walls of your home either. Instead, it likely says that you love outdoor activities that your dog can participate in as well.

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Commitment to Mental Engagement

For many, the physical energy of an Australian Shepherd is just the first thing that they consider. It’s equally important to note that these dogs are highly intelligent and require lots of mental stimulation as well as physical exercise.

A dog without a job is likely to create work for themselves by chewing on your furniture, digging in the yard, or barking just to name a few unpleasant jobs that these dogs tend to get into.

If you have an Australian Shepherd, it indicates that you have an interest in mentally engaging your canine in stimulating activities and have a mind for problem-solving.

Appreciation for Training

These dogs are extremely easy to work with and are fast learners. Given their intelligence and how trainable they are, owning an Australian Shepherd likely indicates that you can enjoy having a project to work toward.

Whether you’re teaching them to sit, stay, and lie down or you want them to learn more advanced tricks or tasks, you are dedicated to the training process.

It also says something about your level of commitment. Training your dog day in and day out is a huge responsibility. Taking this on speaks volumes about your ability to commit to taking care of a dog, even when it might be inconvenient.

Resilience and Adaptability

Australian Shepherds are well-known for their ability to adapt to changes in their lifestyle and the environment. Those who own this breed may also embrace this as a philosophy in life, constantly in search of something new to do or explore.

It may say that you have a high level of resilience and can easily adapt to new situations.

Love Challenges

If you aren’t prepared, you might be taken by surprise at just how difficult an Australian Shepherd is to handle. They have high energy levels and need constant mental stimulation which can be a major drain on their owners after a while. It’s a balance, trying to live your life with one of these dogs and catering to their intense needs.

Owning one of these dogs likely indicates that you enjoy a challenge and want to overcome it to feel accomplished in your day-to-day life.

Oftentimes, owners who gravitate toward this breed tend to be at least a little competitive. You might engage in sports with your friends, and you always play to win. Similarly, your Aussie is a great companion for those who thrive off a little competition.

Outgoing Nature

In addition to the extra work that they require around the house, your Australian Shepherd will also require plenty of socialization. This might mean that you need to take them out in the world if you don’t have new and novel stimuli for them at home.

You might need to take them to the dog park, the beach, or any place where they can socialize and burn off some energy. This degree of socialization often implies that the owner is outgoing and places a high value on social interactions.

Keep in mind that Aussies are also highly emotional dogs. They thrive when given attention, and you may feel exactly the same. It’s why the two of you are great companions for one another. You both love attention and interaction with others.

If you tend to be more introverted, this breed may not be the best fit for you. They will push your boundaries when it comes to forcing social interactions with others.

what do australian shepherds represent

How Can Owning an Australian Shepherd Influence a Daily Routine?

As you might have already guessed, owning an Australian Shepherd is about to take center stage in your life. Your daily routine will be extremely influenced by the need to care for your canine. More than many other dog breeds, the Australian Shepherd requires your attention and planning to keep them happy and healthy.

First and foremost, you will need to prioritize physical activity. Your dog is happiest exercising with you by their side whether that means going for long walks, taking a jog around the neighborhood, or playing on an agility course in the backyard. An hour of exercise or more is typically ideal.

Second, you will need to come up with a structure to keep them mentally engaged. This can be done through puzzle toys or training exercises. They’re more likely to become destructive without something to engage their minds, even if they have enough physical exercise.

You will need to set aside dedicated time to care for your Aussie in every way possible. Not only do they need maintenance of their coats and health, but exercising their mind and body is key to living a happy and harmonious life with your pup.

How Australian Shepherds Can Help Make you a Better Person

Of course, you can benefit from owning one of these beautiful dogs in more ways than one. A canine companion certainly enriches your life. It can also help you to hone important skills that benefit you out in the real world as well.

You might see improvements in your work or social life that stem from the traits that your Aussie pulls out from deep within you.

For example, your Australian Shepherd requires you to practice good leadership. From the earliest days with your pup, you need to establish yourself as the leader in the relationship. An Aussie will take advantage of an owner without strong leadership qualities which can make living with them extraordinarily difficult.

In a similar vein, it also requires you to improve your communication skills. You need to relay key messages to your dog about what will and will not be tolerated in the home. Teaching them what and how to obey your command forces you to be clearer in your communication.

This can, in turn, spill over into other areas of your life such as your work or social life.

Personally, my Australian Shepherds have made me such a better person. Knowing that these dogs rely on me makes me want to be a better dog dad. Something that not a whole lot of people mention is that taking care of your Aussies requires discipline. I think this discipline that I’ve developed translates to other parts of my life and I’m forever grateful.

Final Thoughts

Owning an Australian Shepherd is a huge responsibility, but it can be a rewarding experience for the right person. These dogs represent hard work, and they are eager to please their owners when they have strong leadership from you.

Australian Shepherds are a great breed to add to the family, if you’re committed to meeting their needs. It speaks volumes about who you are if you do decide to bring one of these dogs home.


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