Do Australian Shepherds like to Cuddle? (The Answer)

do australian shepherds like to cuddle

Are you thinking about getting an Australian Shepherd?

Are you an affectionate person?

If you answered yes to both of those questions then you are probably wondering, “do australian shepherds like to cuddle?”

I don’t blame you. I’m a cuddly guy myself. One of my favorite things to do is put on a good movie, get out the popcorn, and snuggle up next to my three aussies.

Since you are reading this article, you probably want to do the same, so let me answer your question…

I’ve owned and been in the presence of several australian shepherds in my lifetime and one thing I can confidently tell you is, most australian shepherds LOVE to cuddle.


It’s in a dog’s nature to cuddle for many reasons. Read on to learn why most Australian Shepherds love to cuddle.

Why do Australian Shepherds Love to Cuddle?


One reason Australian Shepherds love to cuddle is because it provides warmth. Thousands of years ago, dogs didn’t have indoor electric heaters, fluffy blankets and fireplaces to provide heat.

They had to rely on each other’s body heat to survive grueling cold temperatures.

If you have ever had a litter of australian shepherd puppies, you would notice how much cuddling they do during the early years.

I’ve had two litters of pups in my life and one thing I love to see is how puppies always snuggle up with each other next to their mom.

It’s a basic instinct for dogs to cuddle.

Stress Reliever

Cuddling also creates hormones that make aussies feel good. A specific hormone called, oxytocin, occurs during a solid cuddling sesh.

This chemical is known to produce a calming effect in both dogs and humans. This is why it often feels comforting to snuggle up against someone or something you love.

No wonder my dogs and I love to cuddle so much!


Cuddling is also responsible for creating a bond between you and your best friend. The same hormone we talked about above, oxytocin, is connected to bonding and trust.

This means, the more you cuddle your dogs, the more trust they might have for you. I find this to be especially true in my own experience.

A few years ago we got my aussie, Lady, when she was around 2 years old. Typically, dogs that are already grown have a slower time getting used to you since they weren’t raised by you.

Lady was very distant in the beginning, but one thing I made sure to do was love on her as much as I could. In no time, Lady became comfortable around me to the point she now trusts me with her life. I guess you could say cuddling was a big contributor to that.

Something else I learned during my research was, a thousand years ago when there were wild dogs, the wild dogs that learned to bond with humans benefited by receiving food and protection from the human.

Over time, dogs learned that bonding with humans was a huge advantage in their survival.

Thats pretty neat, huh?

Do All Australian Shepherds Like to Cuddle?

Like I said above, all of the dogs I have owned in my lifetime have enjoyed cuddling.

Does this mean every australian shepherd in the world loves to cuddle? Probably not. Dogs are like humans. Each one of them has their own unique personality. Some Aussies may be super lovable and others might enjoy personal space.

A lot of it depends on how they were raised. Some dogs may not be comfortable with close contact with humans.

Is this a bad thing? Not at all. If you are someone who gets claustrophobic then maybe the right dog for you.

Something else to consider is how much does the dog trust you? I had a friend of mine who owned a border collie who absolutely hated me in the beginning.

That dog wouldn’t let me come an inch toward him for a long time, but after he got used to me, he loved to cuddle with me.

Again, an aussie’s love for cuddling could depend on several factors, but most australian shepherds you meet will most likely love to cuddle.

How to Bond with your New Australian Shepherd

If you just recently got a new aussie puppy or are looking to adopt one, you might be wondering how to bond with your new friend.

Especially if you want to enjoy movies snuggled up to your best friend. Bonding is something that happens over time as you and the dog get accustomed to each other.

A great way to speed up this process is to spend as much time with your new aussie as possible. Do fun activities with your dog such as:

Play Fetch

Playing fetch is one of my and my dogs favorite activities. It’s an exciting rush for them as they chase their favorite toy and it is sometimes a great workout for me if I run around too.

Go hiking

If you enjoy the outdoors then this should be at the top of your list of bonding activities. I love looking at beautiful scenery with my best friends. Plus, exploring new locations is fun and exciting for my aussies.

Teach your dog new skills

Nothing is more rewarding than teaching your dog a new skill. Plus, your aussie will love the praise she gets when she follows commands.

Another benefit to this is the brain exercise you will be doing for your dog. Teaching your australian shepherd how to behave and respect you is also extremely important.

Go running

If you enjoy running then you and your Aussie will have something in common! It’s in your Australian Shepherd’s blood to run. So performing an activity you both will enjoy will surely be a great way to bond.

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In the end, the most important thing is to spend quality time with your pup. Doing some of these activities with your dog will put you on the fast track to becoming best friends.

And do you want to know the good thing about becoming best friends?


Hopefully this article answers the question, “do australian shepherds like to cuddle?” Remember, if you just adopted a new aussie, it’s important to let your dog get accustomed to you before cuddling with your dog.

You also want to take time to understand your dog’s personality. He may enjoy his own personal space.

Thanks for reading!


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