Best Dog Bed for Mini Australian Shepherd – Top 5 Picks

best dog bed for mini australian shepherd

When you are getting ready to take home your Mini Australian Shepherd, one of the first things that you are likely going to have on your shopping list is a dog bed for them to sleep on.

Of course, when you first get your puppy home they usually end up sleeping with you at first and not on their bed, but this is still something that you should get.

Why To Get A Dog Bed For Your Mini Australian Shepherd

One of the best reasons why you should get your new dog a bed is so that they will have a spot of their own.

This will not only help keep them from laying right where you walk, but it will also save the rest of your house from some of those hairs that your Mini Aussie will shed.

Hard floors may be easy when it comes to sweeping up hairballs, but these can be uncomfortable for your dog to lay on. Over time this can actually wear on your dog’s joints, which is why it can help them in the long run to have a bed that protects these.

A dog bed is also a key part of training to have a spot that you can tell your dog to go to. For example, my dog knows that she is supposed to stay on her bed all night long and until I release her in the morning to take her out.

I have learned that having something like this is vital to help with potty training too.

A dog will quite naturally not like to empty their bladder on something that they lay on a lot, so if you are still working on house training your puppy then having them a bed can be a huge help.

How To Pick A Dog Bed For Your Mini Australian Shepherd

Knowing that you need a bed for your dog is one thing, but just how do you choose the right bed that will suit both you and your new dog?

Well, there are a few things that you should take into consideration that I have found useful when choosing mine.

What is the Bed Made Out of

Since Mini Aussies do shed quite a bit sometimes, it is very important to keep this in mind. You do not want to get a fabric bed that catches the hair and doesn’t wash well, trust me. In fact, you want the complete opposite.

You may be tempted to get a bed with a really soft or fluffy fabric to help keep your puppy warm, but these fabrics will really catch the hairs.

Whatever bed you want to go with, make sure that it is washable, but there is more to it than that.

Some fabrics that are washable do not let small hairs go even when you wash them, instead they seem to work the hairs further into the fabric. I have had to throw out a bed that did this, so even being washable does not mean everything.

Elevated Vs. Mattress

This brings me to the differences between elevated beds and mattress beds. If you are like me and live somewhere where the summers are a lot longer and hotter than the winters are cold, then you will want a bed that will help your puppy keep cool.

Fabric, stuffing, and everything that is used to make a mattress-type dog bed are all things that trap in heat to some degree. This is good if you live in a cool or cold area.

By keeping them up off the floor with an elevated bed where the air is circulating underneath them, it will help keep them from overheating.

Elevated beds are also easier on a dog’s joints, making it a good option for older dogs. These are also made out of materials that are sometimes not fabric at all and which therefore do not hold onto the dog hairs.

Size of the Dog Bed

For the miniature australian shepherd, either a small or medium-sized dog bed will work. I like to give my dog plenty of space, so I went with a medium-sized bed, and this is the size that will generally best fit a dog of this size.

But with a dog like a Mini Australian Shepherd, you can safely go with a small-sized dog bed.

For dogs who like to curl up when they sleep, a small bed is just enough room for them.

However, if your dog likes to stretch full out then you will want to give them a bit more room with a medium dog bed. Again, the climate you live in should affect your decision here too.

If you live in a hot climate, then giving them a bigger dog bed will give them more circulation especially if you have a mattress bed with raised edges. In a colder climate, your dog might enjoy the cozier feeling of a small bed.

Other Features

There are all sorts of optional features that you can find in a dog bed too. One of the more common things that you may want If you live somewhere where it gets really cold is a dog bed that has a built-in heating pad to keep your dog warm.

Then there are cooling beds that have a specific gel in them to help your dog stay cool.

Some of the cooling and heating pads do need to be plugged into an outlet in order to work though, which can be a problem if you are prone to tripping over cords or your puppy wants to chew on the cord.

Top 5 Dog Beds

Looking through all the dog beds that you can get can be really time-consuming, trust me, I have spent hours comparing different options. So, if you don’t have the time to do this, hopefully I can help you find one that meets your needs in this top 5 list of some of the best dog beds for Mini Australian Shepherds.

1. K&H Pet Elevated Dog Bed

As the name of this dog bed suggests, this is an elevated dog bed that is perfect for your Mini Aussie. Unlike many elevated beds, it has a bolster that you can attach to it that is like a cylindrical pillow on three sides of the bed.

This means that if your puppy likes to rest their head on something like mine does then this is a great option. It comes in both small and medium sides, whichever one you want for your furry friend.

The mesh fabric can be washed, but it can also be replaced with a new piece of fabric if anything happens to it. This is a lot cheaper than buying a whole new dog bed, but it is honestly not something I have had to do.

2. Brindle Waterproof Orthopedic Dog Bed

This is a flat pillow bed that doesn’t have any raised sides like many other raised beds do, but this makes it that much simpler to wash the cover. This has a zipper and can be thrown right in your washing machine.

It is actually an inner layer protecting the foam that is waterproof. This means that you don’t need to worry about any accidents happening on it while the cover is still in the wash. While this might not be likely, it is nice to have one less thing to worry about.

The fact that this has an orthopedic grade memory foam means that it will be great for your puppy’s comfort even as they get older. Finally, this option comes in three different colors for you to choose from in both sizes.

3. Frisco Steel-Framed Elevated Dog Bed

This is the raised bed option that I actually went with for my pup and it is perfect for my hot climate. It comes in both small and medium sizes and in four different colors, so you can choose which one best goes with your either your puppy or your home décor.

It only took a few minutes for me to put it together, and it is very lightweight and easy to move around if you want to move your bed from one room to another so that you can keep an eye on your puppy.

I can testify to how easy to wash it is too. When my girl went into her heat and got blood on it, I took it outside and sprayed it down with a hose and it looked as good as new afterward to thanks to the mesh which did not stain at all.

4. FurHaven NAP Deluxe Orthopedic Dog Bed

This next pillow bed is in some ways similar to the other option that I already listed. Both are flat, have a removable cover that is washable, and both have really high-grade orthopedic foam.

However, the foam of this dog bed has what is called an ‘egg-crate’ design.

The fabric is also softer and it is designed to hold on to heat when it is cool outside and to be cool for your dog when it is warm. This fabric comes in three different colors in both sizes, but in this case a medium-sized bed is a much better fit for Miniature Aussies.

5. Blueberry Pet Inspired Embroidery Paisley Bolster Dog Bed

This dog bed looks quite lovely and it has raised sides which your mini australian shepherd can use to lay their head on if they want to and which will help to keep in the warmth in if you live in the cold weather.

The embroidery looks amazing and yet the fabric and stitching are surprisingly durable.

The zipper is a little bit more complicated because of the shape, but it is still simple and easy to use.

The cover can then be washed without any worries, though from personal experience you may want to avoid washing it with anything that might catch on the embroidery just in case since even if it doesn’t catch it will still wear away at the stitches some.

What if your Mini Australian Shepherd Doesn’t Like Their Bed

You may think that you choose the perfect bed for your dog, but sometimes your dog simply won’t agree with you.

I know that I have had this problem one of my dog’s after going through all the research, picking out a raised bed, and getting it set up, my puppy didn’t even want to get on it!

However, you should know that just because your dog does not like a bed that this does not mean that it is hopeless and you have to get a new bed. Quite the contrary.

Though it took a little work, my dog now loves that dog bed and will go there to lay down even when I am in a different room.

I found that the first step is getting your dog to like the bed. Since I was crate training at the same time, I decided to use some of the same principles.

I first put treats on the outside edges which she quickly ate off of it, then I started putting treats further and further into the middle.

She eventually had to get partially on the bed for the treats. I gave her a ‘jackpot’ of treats when she got all four legs on the bed even though it was just for a moment and she instantly jumped back off.

Once I had gotten her on it a couple of times, I tried to work on her ‘down’ command on the bed. At first she would get off of the bed and lay down beside it instead of on it, but she eventually got the idea.

The next thing I did was stop giving her certain treats that she absolutely loved and I only gave those to her when she was in her cage or on her bed.

While I still had to tell her to get on her bed for a while longer, this did the trick and soon she would get on her bed with excitement and look at me expectantly.

The last step that I used was to wean off the treats by only giving them to her some of the time. So, if your dog does not seem to like their bed, then you should try what I did before you buy a whole new bed.


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