Are Australian Shepherds Good with Other Dogs?

australian shepherds good with other dogs

Early this morning I went on a run with my three australian shepherds at the lake. During my run I came across a lady who had two border collies with her.

We stopped and talked and then we admired each other’s dogs for a few moments and then went along with our days.

After I continued running again, the question came upon me, “are all australian shepherds this friendly with other dogs?”

In all the nearly 10 years of owning australian shepherds, I can’t think of a time any of my dogs had an issue with another dog.

I was curious about this subject, so I started doing some research.

Read below to discover what I learned.

The Personality of your Australian Shepherd

After doing some research I learned that Australian shepherds are pretty calm in their nature. They can be hyper, especially when they meet other dogs and this can lead to some rough housing but most of the time, Australian Shepherds are comfortable meeting other dogs.

In my own experience, this proves to be true. I’ve had many aussies in my life and I cannot think of a time they ever had a serious issue with another dog.

Now, I think this goes for the average Australian Shepherd, but the biggest dictator is the personality of the dog. If the natural personality of your Australian Shepherd is aggressive or grumpy then he may not get along with other dogs.

Take humans for example, there are people who are very social and love meeting new people. And then there are people that enjoy time alone and don’t really like having any new company around.

There’s nothing wrong with these kinds of people, that’s just who they are. Just like with a dog, if his personality prevents him from getting along with other dogs, there is nothing you can do.

Overall, personality has a big factor in determining if your australian Shepherd will be good with other dogs.

Teach your Aussie to be Respectful

A big reason why I think my Aussies are great with other dogs is because they have been raised around them since they were puppies.

They are comfortable in that type of environment and know how to respect other dog’s because they’ve been taught that.

If you want your australian shepherd to be kind towards other dogs then that is something you need to instill in them from a very young age. Teach them how they are supposed to treat and interact with other dogs.

Most importantly, teach your aussie how to behave and respect you. Teach them how to be disciplined. I think this kind of training coupled with raising them in an environment around other dogs can really help your aussie be comfortable with other fellow good-boys in the future.

Benefits of having a Friendly Australian Shepherd

If you like to take your dogs on walks or runs, then you know encountering another dog on the sidewalk is likely going to happen.

Many times when I walk my Aussies at the park, there is always an occasion where we come across an aggressive dog.

Usually, these dogs are easy to spot because they will be tugging at the end of their owners leash, growling at my dogs.

Having aussies that are calm and comfortable when encountering other dogs is a huge benefit. I don’t have to worry about a fight starting or coming home with a sore arm from gripping the life out of a dog leash.

Public Events with Your Aussie

Also, having an australian shepherd that is friendly with other dogs is great for any public event.

If you want to take your dog to a concert or the local shopping mall, you need him to be calm if any other dogs are in the area.

Every Saturday morning I bring my aussies with me to the local farmers market. There are always around 3 or 4 other dogs hanging out when we go. Most of all these dogs are pretty chill with each other and it’s great not having to worry about my aussies getting into a fight while I am trying to enjoy the experience while shopping for groceries.

Some weekends I will invite a handful of friends and their dogs for a cookout. It can be a fun time watching them play tug-of-war with each other.

Usually, we can get all the dogs together playing a game of fetch and the great thing about it is, all of our dogs are pretty nice to each other.

If I didn’t have Australian shepherds who were comfortable with other dogs, I wouldn’t be able to enjoy any of these fun activities.

The other Dog’s Personality

Your australian shepherd can be the friendliest dog on Earth, but if the other dog is aggressive then there’s not going to be a good confrontation.

For example, one of my favorite aunts has one of the cutest Blue Lacies that I’ve ever seen in my life. He is full of personality, loves humans, and is just a great dog, but he doesn’t like other dogs.

Everytime she brings her dog over to my house, there is always a confrontation. Her pup will usually get on or try to fight one of my male Australian shepherds.

I can tell he’s a very jealous dog. He loves his owner so much that he won’t let my dogs anywhere around her. We usually have to keep our dogs separate from each other.

This just goes to show you can have a dog who is super friendly towards humans, but when it comes to other dogs, he may be super aggressive. Additionally, you can have one of the friendliest dogs on earth but if the other dog you are encountering isn’t so friendly, then the situation won’t end well.

How to introduce your Australian Shepherd to another dog

If you have an australian shepherd and you would like to introduce him to another dog with the least amount of conflict then follow some of these tips from the

  • Tip 1: Make sure your dogs meet outside in neutral territory. Have them on strong secured leashes and begin from a far distance. It is important for the dogs to be aware of each other from afar in the beginning.

Closely watch both dogs for any aggressive behavior. Also, reward your dog for any positive behavior. Make sure he knows that this is a happy environment

  • Tip 2: Slowly let the dogs interact with each other. Don’t force the introduction, let the dogs pace it out on their own. Continue to monitor body language in both pets.
  • Tip 3: This third tip is really important. Make sure there are no treats or toys around for the dogs to fight over. A kind interaction can quickly turn south if any person treats or toys come in to play.
  • Tip 4: Keep the dogs separated when the owners aren’t around and do not let your guard down for a while. Always be aware of each of your australian shepherds behavior because something can happen in an instant.

To wrap this up, I would say the average Australian Shepherd is pretty friendly when it comes to other dogs. That is based on my experience and what I’ve researched online, but again, you have to consider the situation.

And you also have to consider the fact that every Australian Shepherd isn’t the exact same. All aussies have unique personalities. Some are going to be super friendly and social. They might even enjoy meeting other dogs. Others may not be as social and could be aggressive when it comes to other pups.

Your aussie can be the friendliest dog on the planet, but you always want to be aware of other dogs.

Thank you guys reading this and I hope this answers your question.


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