9 Best Blue Lacy Breeders in the USA: Blue Lacy’s for Sale

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The Blue Lacy is a unique breed of working dog that is yet to be officially recognized by the AKC.

Even though these dogs are not official members of the American Kennel Club, they are still an amazing breed. This is especially true for those looking for a working dog and a hunting companion.

The Blue Lacy dog breed was created by the Lacy brothers. To create this breed, the Lacy brothers cross-bred coyotes, greyhounds, and a variety of different breeds of scenthounds to create their prized dog breed. The Blue Lacy was originally used as a herding dog to herd hogs.

Today the Blue Lacy is fairly well known in their home state of Texas and other neighboring, southern states within the US.

However, this dog breed is less known in other regions, and they definitely have a small following compared to other, more well-known dog breeds. Here we will be giving you all of the best Blue Lacy breeders in the United States.

What to Look for in a Quality Blue Lacy Breeder

The main two things to look for in a good Blue Lacy breeder are that they follow good dog breeder ethics and that their dogs are all healthy and have good temperaments. The good news is that most Blue Lacy breeders are truly dedicated to the breed.

Puppy mill breeders and breeders breeding dogs to just turn a profit do not really breed Blue Lacys. This is mainly due to the fact that the Blue Lacy is not a very popular or well-known dog breed.

Still, it is always a good idea to do your homework on Blue Lacy breeders before buying a puppy from them. Here are some things to look out for in a good Blue Lacy breeder.

The Breeder Follows Good Ethics

Every good dog breeder will follow good ethics, no matter what type of dog they are breeding. Here are some signs that a dog breeder follows good ethics when producing puppies.

  • All puppies and adult dogs are kept up to date on preventative care like vaccinations and deworming.
  • All dogs are kept in good health and are routinely seen by a vet.
  • No puppy leaves the breeder’s home before eight weeks of age.
  • All dogs are housed in a safe and humane environment.
  • All dogs benign bred are healthy and have good temperaments.
  • All puppies and adult dogs are well groomed and cared for.

Every good Blue Lacy breeder should be doing the above as a minimum. If your Blue Lacy breeder is not doing one of the things on this list then this is a sign that you should not get a puppy from them.

The Dogs are Healthy and Have Good Temperaments

Another sign of a good dog breeder is that they are only breeding dogs that have sound health and temperament. Blue Lacy breeders should be knowledgeable about what behavioral issues and health concerns affect the Blue Lacy breed. Here is a list of some health conditions that have been reported in the Blue Lacy breed.

  • Hip Dysplasia
  • Elbow Dysplasia
  • Hypothyroidism
  • Color Dilution Alopecia
  • Food Allergies
  • Skin Conditions

Blue Lacy breeders should know about these conditions affecting their breed, and they should never be breeding dogs with a known or suspected medical condition.

Similarly, good Blue Lacy breeders will be health testing their dogs for these conditions before breeding them. This will prevent these conditions from being passed onto puppies through recessive genes.

Are they a Member of a Blue Lacy Organization?

Considering that there is no concrete, official Blue Lacy breed club, this is not necessarily a must when finding a good Blue Lacy breeder.

However, many good Lacy dog breeders will choose to be members of the American Blue Lacy Association or the Blue Lacy Game Dog Registry.

Additionally, the Blue Lacy breed is not officially recognized by the American Kennel Club. This means that no Blue Lacy breeders will be registered through the AKC.

This does not mean that they are not a good Blue Lacy breeder. Rather, they can’t be officially recognized by this organization.

9 Places to Find Blue Lacy Puppies for Sale

Although there are not very many Blue Lacy breeders out there, there are several great Blue Lacy breeders in the United States. Most of these breeders are located in the Blue Lacy’s home state of Texas.

However, there are a few others living in other southern US states. There is even a good Blue Lacy breeder in New Mexico! Here are the nine best Blue Lacy breeders in the USA.

1. Bells Bottoms Lacys

Bells Bottom Lacys considers every one of their dogs as a member of the family. Their dogs are also bred with the intention of keeping the Blue Lacy’s intended purpose alive.

As a result, their dogs are used for herding and tracking. This is a very good thing to see from a breeder of a dog breed that was traditionally used for work like the Blue Lacy.

Bells Bottom Lacys are well known within the Blue Lacy breeding community.

They are also reported to be incredibly knowledgeable of the Blue Lacy breed, and they work closely with other Blue Lacy breeders to produce the best dogs possible.

Location: Dayton, TX, USA
Website: https://www.bellbottomslacys.com/
Phone Number: (281) 450-1673
Email: lacylou21@hotmail.com

2. Lone Star Lacys

Like the other breeders on our list, Lone Star Lacys strives to breed their dogs with a purpose in mind.

Many of their Blue Lacy puppies have gone on to be successful herders, hunting companions, and trackers. This makes their dogs a great choice for those looking for a dog to excel in one of these tasks. However, their puppies would make for a great pet for an active family as well.

This breeder has several of their dogs registered with the Lacys Dog Breeder Registry. One of their dogs is also registered with the American Blue Lacy Association and the Lacy Legacy Registry.

Location: Marble Falls, TX, USA
Website: http://lonestarlacys.com/puppies.html

3. Pecan Peak Ranch

Pecan Peak Ranch is a working cattle ranch, and they also breed Blue Lacys. This breeder tests their dogs in five different areas: tracking, cattle herding, hunting, retrieving, and treeing.

All of their puppies are evaluated on how well they complete each task. Based on these results, the puppies are then placed in the best homes possible.

The breeder also posts videos of their dogs and puppies performing these tasks. This way prospective owners can see their dogs’ skills with their own eyes.

This breeder focuses on temperament, athleticism, and appearance along with the aptitude for these tasks. Of course, all of their breeding dogs are kept in good health as well.

Every puppy and adult dog at Pecan Peak Ranch is up to date on preventative care like vaccinations. Their dogs are all routinely seen by a vet as well.

Additionally, all puppies will be sold with a microchip already in place. All of their dogs are also sold a great diet consisting of a mixture of dry kibble and a raw diet.

Location: Zephyr, TX, USA
Website: http://www.pecanpeakranch.com/lacy-dogs/
Phone Number: (214) 659-1874
Email: seacoc@gmail.com

4. Lusty Crain Blue Lacy

The breeder behind Lusty Crain Blue Lacy does not only breed Blue Lacys, but he also works alongside them every day. His Blue Lacys mainly work as herding dogs for herding cattle on the breeder’s farm.

This breeder is very knowledgeable about the Blue Lacy breed. The breeder behind Lusty Crain Blue Lacy describes the breed as being incredibly intelligent and easy to train.

Additionally, this breeder also holds the Blue Lacy’s herding instinct in very high regard.

On the Lusty Crain Blue Lacy website, you can find photos and videos of their Blue Lacys herding, hanging out on the farm, and enjoying life. You can find photos of their puppies here as well.

Location: Blessing, TX, USA
Website: https://lustycrainbluelacy.com/
Phone Number: 979-479-5825
Email: Lusty.Crain@yahoo.com

5. Outlaw Kennels

At Outlaw Kennels, their main goal is to create Blue Lacys that make excellent trackers and hunting companions.

Every one of their dogs are well bred and come from a high-quality lineage of working dogs. All of their dogs are registered with both the Lacy Dog Breeders Association and the National Lacy Dog Registry as well.

This breeder is committed to producing Blue Lacys that are strong, healthy, and easily trained. This makes their puppies a great choice for active families that are also looking for a good tracker.

Of course, all of their puppies are kept up to date on their deworming and vaccinations before going to their new homes.

Location: Milton, FL, USA
Website: https://outlawkennelsflorida.com/
Phone Number: 850-288-1020 or 850-368-6156
Email: outlawkennelsflorida@gmail.com

6. Flying W Kennels

This Blue Lacy breeder breeds their dogs to excel at working with cattle, tracking, and hog hunting.

Flying W Kennels also works closely with many other Blue Lacy breeders, some of whom are also on this list. In addition to breeding their Lacy dogs, this breeder is also dedicated to educating the public on this incredible dog breed.

Flying W Kennels is great at providing healthy and hard working dogs to active families. Their dogs are all well cared for and are kept up to date on deworming and vaccinations before going home.

Location: Azle, TX, USA
Website: https://www.facebook.com/flyingwkennels
Phone Number: (817) 751-5998
Email: flyingwbobby@gmail.com

7. Get A Bite Lacys

Get A Bite Lacys is a good Blue Lacy breeder from New Mexico. All of their dogs come from cattle working lines. However, some of their puppies have also gone on to be successful trackers as well.

All of their puppies will be kept up to date on their deworming. Additionally, puppies are also kept up to date on all of their core vaccines before going to their new homes.

This breeder carefully evaluates the temperaments of their puppies to put them in the right homes as well.

Location: NM, USA
Website: https://www.facebook.com/GetABiteLacys/
Phone Number: (575) 545-1243

8. Rebel Lacy Kennels

The breeder behind Rebel Lacy Kennels’ main goal is to keep the Blue Lacy breed alive and strong. They do this by breeding well bred Blue Lacys that come from established working lines.

From there, these breeders selectively breed the best dogs out of the bunch to create puppies that are an excellent example of the Blue Lacy breed.

All of their puppies are bred to be healthy, trainable, and strong. They will make a great addition to any family looking for a good herding dog or tracking dog/hunting companion.

Location: MS, USA
Website: https://www.facebook.com/bloodtrackingusa/
Phone Number: (601) 522-4915

9. DS Texas Blue Lacy Dogs

These Blue Lacy breeders are dedicated to breeding healthy and well-tempered puppies. More importantly, though, they are also dedicated to providing information about the Blue Lacy dog breed and proper dog ownership. This breeder does not have their own website. However, you can find them on Facebook.

Location: Crosbyton, TX, USA
Website: https://www.facebook.com/D-S-Texas-Blue-Lacy-Dogs-129159567166515

Related Questions

How Much do Registered Blue Lacys Cost on Average?

There is not such a thing as an AKC registered Blue Lacy. However, Blue Lacys can be registered through independent organizations such as the American Blue Lacy Association and the Blue Lacy Game Dog Registry. Blue Lacy puppies tend to cost anywhere in between $600 and $1,200 when you get them from a good breeder.

Are Blue Lacys Recognized by the AKC?

No, the Blue Lacy is not recognized as an official dog breed by the American Kennel Club. However, they have been officially recognized by the government in their home state of Texas. The Texas government has even made the Blue Lacy their official state dog breed. This was made into effect in 2005.


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