5 Best Giant Schnauzer Breeders in the USA: Giant Schnauzer’s for Sale

giant schnauzer breeders in the usa

A working dog of great intelligence, the Giant Schnauzer is a great companion that loves taking on responsibilities and learning new things.

This is a dog who must be stimulated both mentally and physically, and who will always be at their happiest when their owner is showering them with affection and attention by giving them different things to do.

If you’re searching to welcome one of these dogs into your home, then you are in for an amazing journey. Watching a Giant Schnauzer thrive as they learn new tricks is one of the most rewarding experiences in the world.

But dog-ownership is a full time, life-long commitment, and one that must be taken seriously from the get-go.

This article will cover how to find responsible Giant Schnauzer breeders, how to differentiate between a breeder who is responsible and ethical and one who isn’t, how to choose a breeder, and what are some red flags you should be on the look out for.

Not only that, but we’ve also selected five Giant Schnauzer breeders from across the country to help you find your new best friend.

How Do You Find a Responsible Giant Schnauzer Breeder?

Whenever most of us are in search of answers, our instinct is always to consult Google. While that might feel like the obvious first step when beginning your search for a responsible Giant Schnauzer breeder, the truth is that if you begin your quest in this manner, you might be unknowingly following a misleading and limited path.

A mixture of paid advertisements and breeders with sparse or even non-existent online presence will severely skew your search results, making it so the breeders that are easier to find online might not be the most responsible one, or the ones who are right for you and your family.

Starting your search with the American Kennel Club and breed-specific clubs such as the Giant Schnauzer Club of America is a better way to go.

While some of the information in their websites can be outdated and they are not immune to paid advertisements, their lists tend to be far more curated. They’ll also include breeders who have small online presence.

But how can you know what makes a responsible breeder? Below, we included some useful information that can help you narrow down your search results.

What Makes a Responsible Giant Schnauzer Breeder?

There are many different factors that go into creating a responsible breeding program. Some will seem obvious.

The dogs should not be constantly kept in crates or cages, they should be given room to exercise, they should be socialized properly, and they should be cared for constantly during those early weeks.

But adequate living conditions and human affection are but the bare minimum that goes into responsible breeding, and some of the other important responsibilities and precautions breeders must take will not seem so apparent to the regular person.

For example, it is considered highly unethical to breed dogs that are under two years of age. Breeders who do this are not taking the health of the sire, dam, or the puppies into consideration. It is also important to space out litters. A dam should not be having multiple litters in one year, as she needs time to recover before she is ready to have new puppies.

The Giant Schnauzer Club of America has a Code of Ethics that breeders should adhere to in order to maintain the health of the breed and to prevent irresponsible and abusive breeding of Giant Schnauzers. Most responsible breeders would be happy to follow such guidelines and would tell you so if asked.

Responsible breeders will also be happy to answer any questions you might have! This includes not only questions about their breeding program, but also questions on how to care for Giant Schnauzers. They should be happy to meet you in person and let you see where their dogs are being raised, and they will eagerly give you advice on how to train these amazing dogs, how to properly socialize them, and more.

They should give you a feeding schedule and nutritional advice, they’ll be highly knowledgeable regarding the Giant Schnauzer’s health concerns and should be ready to educate you in these matters, and they will also recommend veterinary practices in your area, obedience training courses, puppy kindergarten for better socialization, and more.

Finally, not only will a responsible breeder encourage you to neuter/spay your Giant Schnauzer once they are of age, but they’ll also ensure that the puppy has received all their age-appropriate vaccines and have been thoroughly examined by a licensed veterinarian.

How Do You Choose a Giant Schnauzer Breeder?

Now that you know how to see if a breeder is responsible, we’ll take a closer look at what you can expect from this process and what are some red flags you need to watch out for in order to find the Giant Schnauzer breeder that is best suited for you and your family.

What Should I Expect from a Breeder?

You can typically expect a Giant Schnauzer breeder to give the following items once the purchase is finalized:

  • A signed pedigree
  • Current health records for the puppy
  • Health records for littermates if asked
  • Health records for both parents
  • Sales contract – Remember, that contracts will vary according to the breeder, so read it carefully!
  • Feeding schedule, instructions, and recommendations
  • Copy of OFA of the sire and dam

Some breeders will also provide you AKC registration papers and an application.

A responsible, ethical Giant Schnauzer breeder will have plenty of questions for you, as they’ll want to know if their dogs are going to loving families who have a home that can meet all the Giant Schnauzer’s needs.

They are likely to ask your expectations for your dog, about your family’s lifestyle, about your children, if you have other pets.

Some might even conduct a house check or ask you for personal references. While some people might find all of these questions to be highly invasive, take it as a sign that the breeder truly cares about the life-long well-being of their dogs.

Many breeders might also expect to continue to be a part of their puppies’ lives. They’ll want health updates so they can make better informed decisions about their breeding programs.

Many will also happily give you advice or recommendations for vet specialists, training courses, or competitions should you ask.

What Are Some Red Flags I Should Know When Searching for a Breeder?

Some red flags you need to watch out for when speaking to potential breeders include:

  • A lack knowledge regarding the breed standard
  • A lack of knowledge regarding potential genetic conditions or diseases
  • Hesitation to let you see the puppies or adult dogs
  • Hesitation to let you see where the dogs are raised
  • A lack of interest in you, your home, or your lifestyle
  • Puppies that are not properly socialized
  • Refuse to give any health records, do any health screenings or tests, and will not provide a pedigree

How Much Do Registered Giant Schnauzer Cost in America?

In America, a Giant Schnauzer from a reputable breeder can cost anywhere from $1,200 to $3,500.

Remember that this does not take into consideration supplies such as brushes, beds, toys, ID and collar, leash, microchip, house training pads, food and water bowls, vet visits, obedience training, puppy kindergarten, and other expenses.

It also does not take into consideration monthly expenses and vet visits, which will continue on through the rest of the dog’s life,

Top 5 Giant Schnauzer Breeders in America?

Here are five Giant Schnauzer breeders from all across the country. We did not list them in any order, nor did we sort them by region. Do not despair if there are no breeders near your place of residency, for many will be more than happy to arrange for transportation should they find you to be a good fit for their puppy.


Kalidor is a kennel based in New York state that focuses their breeding program on both Giant and Miniature Schnauzers. They are an AKC Club Member and Breeder with a Heart, and they request all potential buyers to fill out a questionnaire to ensure they are a good fit for their puppies.

They send their puppies to their families with a toy that has the scent of both their mom and their littermates along with a food starter bag. Their puppies will also have all their vaccinations and will be microchipped.

Upon purchase, Kalidor will provide buyers with an AKC registration application and certificate of health.

Location: Lindenhurst, NY 11757
Website: https://www.facebook.com/KalidorKennels/

Elegant Guardian Angels

Run and operated by Keith Smith, Elegant Guardian Angels is an Alabama based kennel located in a small family farm. All their puppies are raised at home, where they can be properly socialized, get used to family life, and receive tons of love and attention.

Their dogs are also tested and screened for numerous health conditions, and puppies receive all their age-appropriate vaccines and deworming procedure prior to being sold.

Upon purchase, Elegant Guardian Angels provides buyers with an AKC registration application.

Location:  Albertville, AL 35950
Website: https://elegantguardianangels.org/
Phone: (256) 440-9910

Classic Giant Schnauzer

Located in Wisconsin, Classic Giant Schnauzer is a kennel run and operated by Mary Falls, a breeder with a history dating back to the 1991.

They are an AKC Breeder of Merit and Club Member. They are also a member of the Giant Schnauzer Club of America and the American Working Dog Federation.

Upon purchase, Classic Giant Schnauzer will provide buyers with an AKC registration application.

Location: Baraboo, WI 53913
Website: http://www.classicgiantschnauzers.com
Phone: (608) 356-6642
Email: classicgiantschnauzers@gmail.com

D’ Mendoza Family

Unlike the other breeders included on this list, D’Mendoza Family is not a kennel. They are a family that has been breeding Giant Schnauzers since 2008.

All their puppies are raised in a home environment, where they can get tons of love and affection while also getting used to living with a family.

They are located in California, and the puppies are trained and socialized to get along with children and other animals. Though they do not have an official website, you can easily contact them through the AKC’s marketplace.

The D’Mendoza Family provides health guarantee for all their puppies. They will also give buyers a written bill of sale, and an AKC registration application. If, for whatever reason, you cannot keep a puppy purchased from them, they’ll gladly welcome the dog back so they can be re-homed.

Location: Upland, CA
Website: https://marketplace.akc.org/breeder/giant-schnauzer-demendoza/giant-schnauzer/333323
Phone: (626) 327-6526

Giant Schnauzer Rescue

While the Giant Schnauzer Rescue is not a breeder or a kennel, we thought it would be important to include one rescue organization in this list. This is a nonprofit organization that seeks to rescue and rehome Giant Schnauzers across all 50 states.

They work hard to match their dogs with families that will love them and meet their individual needs by taking into consideration factors such as personality, medical needs, comfort with children and other pets, and more when finding their dogs their forever homes.

Website: https://htzrescue.com/


The Giant Schnauzer is an amazing breed. Hardworking and beautiful, they love to keep busy by completing different tasks. If you are considering welcoming one of these dogs into your home and into your family, then you are in for an incredible journey.

Dog-ownership, however, is a tremendous responsibility that requires a lot of hard work. While this article will hopefully give you some useful information to start your journey on the right foot, remember that this is but a jumping off point.

If you wish to be a good pet parent, it is your responsibility to research and verify the information we provided so that you can find the best Giant Schnauzer breeder for you and your family.


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