5 Best Australian Shepherd Breeders in San Antonio, TX

australian shepherd breeders in san antonio

Australian Shepherds are energetic, playful, and constantly need stimulation to keep them occupied. If that sounds like the dog for you, you’ll want to find the best possible Aussie breeder.

This way, you can ensure that the dog you are adding to your family comes from a loving, health-conscious home.

The best Australian Shepherd Breeder in San Antonio, TX is Sully Creek. Their raise their puppies to the highest possible standards. Other reputable breeders in the area include Ashber Farm, Triple C Aussies, My Broken Heart Ranch, and Thundering Hooves Ranch.

Keep reading to find out what makes each of these breeders special.

The Best Australian Shepherd Breeders in San Antonio, TX – Australian Shepherds for Sale

These five Australian Shepherd breeders are the best in San Antonio and the surrounding areas. While some are located a short drive from San Antonio, it’s worth your time to check them out.

Sully Creek Australian Shepherds

Sully Creek is a hobby breeder in San Antonio. They were inspired to raise Aussies after falling in love with an Aussie that they adopted. That one dog has inspired a tradition. Sully Creek raises their puppies with a focus on health and intelligence, as well as stability.

They raise their puppies as part of the family. While they have a kennel for the older dogs, they raise puppies in their home and socialize them from birth.

They use Puppy Culture Protocols and the ENS, or Early Neurological Stimulation, program to ensure that their dogs are properly socialized, calm, and have great temperaments.

All of Sully Creek’s puppies are AKC registered and have their first set of shots when they go home. Testimonials from past customers indicate that Sully Creek is always there to answer questions, provide advice, and help them along the way.

They have a long history of providing great families with their perfect pup.

For participating families, they have a Guardian Home Program. Suitable dogs that meet the breed standard, temperament screenings, and pass genetic screenings can be used in Sully Creek’s breeding programs.

Families are compensated for their time, and their puppies get a further certification, free spay and neuter after their service, and more benefits. This allows Sully Creek to keep their gene pool open and evolving.

Location: San Antonio, Texas

Website: https://www.sullycreekaussies.com/

Phone: (512) 644 – 1224

Email: footprintssqs@aol.com

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Ashber Farm

Ashber Farm is located 30 miles southeast of San Antonio. They’ve been breeding dogs since 2004, and they currently breed Australian Shepherds, Miniature American Shepherds, Mastiffs, and English Bulldogs.

There is a waiting list for Australian Shepherds from this breeder, and with good reason. All their breeding males and females are show dogs, so their puppies have champion bloodlines that meet the breed standard. The parents are genetically tested and AKC registered.

You can tell that these breeders care about their pups. Following a link from their website to their Facebook or Instagram page will show you tons of happy puppies.

They are often photographed in holiday-themed photoshoots, with lots of photos for each puppy.

In addition, Ashber Farms is partnered with Life’s Abundance, a natural, healthier dog food. This ensures that puppies are starting on the best possible food as far as their health.

Contact Ashber Farm if you’re interested in any of the breeds they offer. Be prepared to be placed on a waiting list.

Location: 116 O’Malley Lane, Floresville, TX

Website: https://www.ashberfarm.com/

Phone: (830) 391-6236

Email: kdesoto89@gmail.com

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Thundering Hooves Ranch

Though Thundering Hooves Ranch specializes mostly in horses, they do have a few breeding, AKC and ASCA registered dogs. These hobby breeders only have litters occasionally, so it’s always worth checking with the breeder before making any plans.

The dogs are obviously part of the family at Thundering Hooves Ranch. Because they have limited breeding stock and very few litters, they take time with each puppy, socializing them with other dogs and horses.

There is minimal information about the puppies available on their webpage. However, there are plenty of pictures with both parents, as well as pictures of the dogs at home. Their area is clean, and they have comfortable beds and crates to sleep in.

If you are interested in a puppy from Thundering Hooves Ranch, make sure to contact the breeder directly for more information. Use the vetting tips below to make sure that they are the breeder for you.

Location: 5710 Higdon Rd, San Antonio, TX

Website: https://www.facebook.com/thunderinghoovesranchtexas

Phone: (210) 633-1196

Email: steph_tex@sbcglobal.net

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My Broken Heart Ranch

My Broken Heart Ranch boasts several acres of grass and Spanish oak trees. They are located in Lockart, Texas – 75 miles northeast of San Antonio. Though you might have to drive a bit to get a puppy from this breeder, it just might be worth the trip.

This ranch raises all their puppies in their home. They are socialized with other dogs, cats, children, and other adults – and are kennel-trained at six weeks.

The puppies are AKC registered, but they are registered as non-breeders. They have genetic guarantees against hip dysplasia (common in Aussies). On the website, you can see a list of their adult dogs, along with their genetic testing markets. You’ll also find pictures of available puppies.

All the puppies available on the website are photographed inside the home, some on blankets and beds. We appreciate that they list the price of each puppy, as well as a general write-up of each litter, including genetics, personalities, parents, and birth dates.

There are plenty of pictures of each available puppy on this breeder’s website, so you can browse the gallery before making a decision.

Location: Lockhart, Texas

Website: https://www.mybrokenheartranch.com/

Phone: (512) 497-7313

Email: Joydunmire@yahoo.com

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Triple C Aussies

Triple C Aussies is a hobby kennel operated by Delores Cruz. This 50-acre ranch is in Poth, Texas, about 36 miles to the northeast of San Antonio.

Though it’s a bit of a drive, it’s worth checking this breeder out if you want registered Aussies with a clean bill of health and genetic health guarantees.

Triple C Aussies raises all their pups in the home. All puppies are exposed to a variety of busy household sounds, as well as the sound of tractors, ATVs, and a constant radio. This helps the puppies become more confident, less insecure, and have fewer anxiety issues.

Puppies are handled constantly from the time they are born until they go to their forever homes, so they are great family pets.

Their parents are AKC and/or ASCA registered and genetically sound. Every puppy is AKC and/or ASCA registered with no breeding rights. Triple C Aussies are interested in furthering good bloodlines, including some of the show bloodlines present in their puppies.

There is nearly always a waiting list to get a puppy from Triple C. They require a deposit, and their registered puppies are in a higher price range for good reason.

Triple C also retires older breeding dogs and sells them to interested families sometimes, so it’s good to check back if you’re interested in an older dog.

On their website, you can see available litters, including pictures of the parents, descriptions, and pictures of each pup, and the expected price. There are also a wealth of testimonials from happy families.

Location: Poth, Texas

Website: https://triplecaussies.com/index.html

Phone: (210) 422-6072

Email: triplecaussies@yahoo.com

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How to Choose an Australian Shepherd Breeder

Finding a good breeder isn’t easy. There are many puppy mills, backyard breeders, and other shady operations that are only looking to make some quick money. They usually aren’t interested in health, lineage, registration, or breed standard.

To make sure that a breeder is being honest, consider the following.

Choose a hobby breeder.

Hobby breeders take breeding seriously. They are interested in producing the best puppies possible, and can easily answer questions about the breed standard, temperament, health concerns, and genetic patterns.

Go for AKC registration.

A breeder who is willing to register their puppies with the AKC is sure to have all their records in order. They should provide these records when you purchase a puppy.

See the parents.

Breeders who are serious about their job allow you to see the parents before purchasing a puppy. This gives you an idea about how your puppy might look and behave when they get older.

Check the living conditions.

Look for clean kennels and fenced yards. Healthy kennel dogs produce healthy pups, and you can generally care when they’re raised with care.

Look for low-volume breeders.

Beware breeders who have a lot of puppies at any given time. At a reputable breeder, you might expect to go on a waiting list to be considered for a puppy, because they often breed less than the demand. This shows that they care more about the puppies than the profit.

Send in an application.

A good breeder will offer puppies only for families that pass an application process. This may include an additional fee. Breeders who use an application process tend to care more about who takes their puppies home and are willing to reject applicants who do not meet their standards.

Choose a breeder who specializes.

Breeders who specialize in a single breed are more invested in the breed standard, health issues, and genetics. Though this isn’t always the case, choosing someone who focuses on a single breed can often yield better results.

These tips can help you choose a breeder with a good reputation. You want someone who cares for their dogs and wants to produce quality puppies.

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How Much Do Registered Australian Shepherds Cost on Average in Texas?

Australian Shepherds can cost anywhere from $600 to $800 in Texas. Of course, this doesn’t take registration into account. Some puppies, such as those sold by some of the breeders on this list, range from $1,800 to $2600 depending on color, gender, genetic testing, and lineage.

It’s a good idea to pay extra for an AKC-registered puppy. Registering a puppy yourself can require lineage records, genetic testing, and hefty fees. When a breeder takes care of it for you, it means they are willing to go the extra mile to ensure quality.

Keep in mind that some breeders only offer AKC registration on a limited basis. This means that they are trying to preserve their bloodlines and that you won’t be able to breed the dogs that you purchase from them.

This is expected of any reputable breeder, especially those looking to carry on the champion and show bloodlines.
There is also a difference between being AKC registered and ASCA registered. The AKC, or American Kennel Club, is a national organization that registers purebred dogs of all breeds.

The ASCA, or Australian Shepherd Club of America, provides its breed-specific registration. When looking for a puppy, you should first enquire after AKC registration status.

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How to Find Australian Puppies for Sale in Your Area

There are a few tools you can use to find a breeder in your area. A quick google search will bring up a list of breeders with websites, and you can choose to investigate the breeders further based on the information provided.

If you aren’t sure where to start, try the following tools:

Many of these websites (including the AKC) don’t allow just anyone to post puppies for sale. They must meet certain requirements, such as DNA testing, registration, or best practices procedures.

Of course, you should thoroughly vet any breeders that you find before committing to a puppy. This can save you a lot of headaches down the road.

Final Thoughts

If you know what to look for, it’s easy to find reputable Australian Shepherd breeders in San Antonio. The breeders on our list are the best in the area, and each is committed to producing quality puppies. Make sure to vet each of these breeders yourself before making a purchase!


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