20 Stimulating Jobs for your Rottweiler

jobs for rottweilers

Your Rottweiler is full of energy. He loves to run around in the yard with you and is constantly bringing you toys to tug-of-war with.

Still, it doesn’t seem to be enough. How can you ensure that your Rottweiler has adequate mental and physical stimulation?

Jobs for your Rottweiler can include dock diving, barn hunting, and even obstacle course games. Some Rottweilers like carting activities or simple mental games like finding a hidden treat. Rottweilers are intelligent, so mental stimulation is essential to keeping them happy.

Below, we’ll look at a few different jobs you can give your Rottweiler, activities to perform with them, and even sports to occupy their time.

Do Rottweilers Need a Job?

Rottweilers thrive when they have a purpose, a job, or a task. There are a few reasons for this. First of all, Rottweilers were bred to be working dogs.

From herding (yes, herding, as unlikely as it sounds!) to pulling carts, they were created to perform a task. Most Rottweilers still have that deep drive to get things done.

Rottweilers are one of the most intelligent dog breeds, and they stack up to their peers in unimaginable ways. They are easy to train, simple to teach, and love having something to do.

On top of that, they need a lot of mental stimulation to avoid boredom, destruction, and lack of interest. Mental stimulation can help keep them calm, avoid stress, and become less aggressive. They don’t require as much physical exercise as you’d think, but it’s important to keep them occupied.

Benefits of Giving Your Rottweiler a ‘Job’

Your Rottweiler just wants to please you. Giving them a job has many benefits but being able to please you is the best for your dog.

A Rottweiler with a job is focused, has a task, and is determined to carry it out. The mental and physical stimulation offered by certain jobs cannot be overstated.

Your Rottweiler needs a task or a series of tasks to keep him engaged. Unlike some other breeds, your Rottweiler needs more mental stimulation than physical stimulation. Keeping him busy and avoiding boredom or apathy is key.

That’s what a job will do.

Consequences of a Bored Rottweiler

But what happens if your Rottweiler doesn’t have a task, job, or activity to engage in? Unfortunately, a bored dog is often a destructive dog. Outside of being unhappy, depressed, or withdrawn, a bored Rottweiler can begin to chew your furniture, belongings, and more.

They might begin to show more aggression or bark excessively just to have something to do.

The bottom line is that you don’t want a bored Rottweiler. Keeping your dog occupied and engaged is the best way to keep them happy!

20 Jobs for Your Rottweiler

Keeping your Rottweiler engaged and interested is no easy task, but these activities (or a combination of them) can help keep your dog happy.

Fun Backyard Games & Jobs

1. Gardening

You can get your Rottweiler involved in your gardening! While some dogs can be taught to dig holes on command, your Rottweiler is better off on limb and weed duty.

First, make sure that the weeds and branches you’re working with aren’t toxic to dogs. Then, teach your dog to pile your clippings in a single location once they hit the ground.

This means less work for you, and it’s a fun time for your dog as well.

2. Obstacle Course

Rottweilers aren’t usually thought of as agility dogs. However, an obstacle course can be a great idea for your Rottweiler. The idea here isn’t to make them go through quickly – Rottweilers are a little heavier on their feet than most agility dogs.

Instead, you’ll be looking at how well they perform, how quickly they can figure out where they need to go, and other metrics.

Plus, they’ll have fun doing it! While you can certainly purchase a full obstacle course from an online retailer, building one yourself is simple too.

If you have objects around your home that can support your Rottweiler’s weight, incorporate them into a course. Use hula hoops or other toys to make perfect hoops and hurdles.

3. Guard Dog

Guard Dog: Rottweilers are notorious guard dogs. Sometimes, these instincts can be overwhelming. For that reason, we can’t recommend this activity to any Rottweiler who has shown aggressive tendencies in the past.

If your dog is calm and you know they won’t attack, you can have them run the perimeter of your fence or property. Tell them they’re ‘on patrol’ or ‘guarding’ – they’ll point out any interesting sights or smells.

As long as your Rottweiler poses no danger to people or small animals, guard dog can be a great job for him.

Fun Indoor Activities and Jobs for your Rottweiler

4. Hide and Seek

Rottweilers are extremely intelligent, so hide and seek is a great activity for them. At first, you can start by hiding in obvious locations and calling your dog, guiding him to your location.

Offer a treat when he finds you. At a more advanced level, you can try hiding in progressively more difficult locations. Hide behind doors or under objects.

Don’t call out to him and let him find you by scent and sight alone. You’ll be surprised how quickly your Rottweiler will be able to find you once he is trained to look in the right places.

5. The Cup Game

The infamous cup game is a favorite of most Rottweilers, especially because they have strong noses. All you need to play the cup game is three plastic cups and some treats. There are other variations, and of course, you might need to step up the game for intelligent Rottweilers.

First, show your dog that there is a treat in the cup. Training your Rottweiler to reach out and touch the cup may take some time. Once they have it down (and can flip the cup over), it’s time to line up three cups.

Place a treat under just one. Teach them to flip the cup with the treat instead of just pushing it over with their nose.

6. Stairway Running

Your Rottweiler needs physical activity as well as mental stimulation to be healthy. If you have stairs in your home, you can play a stair fetch game that has them running up and down several times during play.

First, teach your Rottweiler to sit and stay at the bottom of the stairs.

Then, throw the ball up the stairs and indicate when she can run to get it. You can do this from the top or bottom of the stairs.

7. Clean Up

Rottweilers are intelligent enough to learn names and phrases associated with their toys. If you teach them to clean up after themselves, you’ll never have to pick up dog toys again!

Simply teach them the word for their toy, and then teach them that the ‘clean up!’ command means placing them back in their basket or box.

In no time, your Rottweiler will be picking up after themselves.

8. Ring the Bell

Rottweilers can be taught to ring a bell near the door when they need to go outside. Just a few days of training can teach your dog that you respond well when he requests a walk (or even food) by ringing the bell with his nose or paw. This is useful for busy families, too!

9. Teach ‘Give’

Rottweilers are very mouth-oriented dogs. Throughout your time with your Rottweiler, you will probably find that they pick things up that you’d rather they didn’t.

Teaching your dog to ‘give’ you what he has in his mouth can be one way to prevent this issue. Trade with your dog and offer other toys or incentives to drop what he’s carrying.

Fun Toy Activities for your Rottweiler

10. Puzzle Toys

There are a ton of different puzzle toys that you can purchase for your Rottweiler. These toys usually hide food or treat inside. Your dog will have to figure out the puzzle to get at the treat. For a Rottweiler, the more complicated the better!

Also, go for puzzle toys that can’t be solved by your Rottweiler’s powerful jaws. You don’t want them destroying the toy just to get to the prize inside.

11. Hide and Seek Toys

Hide and Seek Toys are like puzzle toys, but with a different aim. With these toys, a toy or treat is hidden inside in some way.

Some hide stuffed beavers in a stuffed log, while others keep treats beneath flipping doors. Whichever you choose, these help keep your dog entertained.

It’s great to give your dog something to do while you can’t spend time with them. Hide and seek toys should only be used while supervised, though.

12. Extreme Chew Toys

The Rottweiler is known for its powerful jaws, with strength a lot like the pit bull. They love to chew, but you’ll need to get them specific chew toys for their safety.

Extreme Kong products and other tough, rubber toys are great for Rottweilers. If you don’t get a chew toy that is strong enough, you run the risk of having pieces break off in your dog’s mouth.

They may swallow bits of plastic or light rubber, which can lead to a veterinary emergency. Always supervise them and make sure the chew toy is strong enough for their jaws.

13. Tugging Games

With a jaw like the Rottweiler’s, it’s no wonder that they enjoy tugging games. You’ll need heavy-duty ropes or toys for this activity.

Your Rottweiler will love the process of pulling things away from you, and tugging games will make his tail wag like crazy.

Water Games & Activities

14. Swimming Games

Most Rottweilers love water, so you can always take them swimming! Introduce more fun into swimming time by trying fetch games and even diving games (if your dog seems interested).

Water fetch is a great way to keep your dog happy, wear them out, and stimulate them physically and mentally.

15. Dock Diving

If your Rottweiler likes to fetch and go swimming, this is the activity for them. It’s a sport, but it can also be a fun game that you play with your dog.

The idea is that your dog waits just off the dock at your favorite lake (or swimming pool, in competition). You throw a toy for them to catch, and they launch themselves off the dock to get it.

The goal is to have the longest jump when you’re competing, but you can do this with your family on your weekend lake trip as well!

Outdoor Games

16. Hiking

Do you enjoy going on day hikes? Your Rottweiler might as well! Even long camping trips are better with a Rottweiler. Hiking can be a great way to spend time with your dog, as well as keep them happy.

They’ll love the new smells, the physical activity, and even running into other people on the trails. Note that Rottweilers are popular dogs, but they are also feared by many for being ‘attack dogs’.

Of course, your Rottweiler will be subject to this stigma. In any situation where your Rottweiler might run and jump on another person (even in greeting), it’s important to keep your Rottweiler on a leash.

This is also true of chasing critters on your hikes. Keep your Rottweiler close and under control during your hikes.

Sports and Competition

17. Obedience Training

Obedience training can be a fun activity for most dogs. Rottweilers are one of the easiest breeds to train since it doesn’t take many repetitions for them to understand a concept.

You can enroll your Rottweiler in Obedience training to help keep their mind occupied. There are even advanced Obedience training classes for dogs that excel at learning new commands.

18. Bite Work

Bite Work can be fun for your Rottweiler, but you have to be careful. In a controlled environment, your Rottweiler should know the difference between biting their target and biting another person.

If your Rottweiler is still shaky on these issues, we don’t recommend Bite Work. However, some Rottweilers enjoy the police-style training. Plus, it keeps them happy and can help reduce stress.

19. Cart & Pull Activities

You might have noticed that Rottweilers are hearty dogs. They are strong, and part of the reason they were bred was to pull butcher’s carts. You can get your dog into pull activities to nurture this instinct.

20. Barn Hunts

Barn Hunt is a canine sport run by the BHA (Barn Hunt Association) and endorsed by the AKC. These can be a great way to satisfy your Rottweiler’s pretty instinct.

These activities include placing a rat in a safe tube and hiding it within large bales of hay. Your Rottweiler’s keen sense of smell and prey instinct will come in handy. While there are competitions for Barn Hunt courses, you and your dog can participate in Barn Hunts as an activity as well.

As long as your Rottweiler can fit through an 18-inch-tall tunnel, they can participate, according to the BHA.


When it comes to jobs, Rottweilers have the pick of the litter. They are extremely intelligent, trainable, and want to please more than anything. Their need for mental and physical stimulation makes them the perfect candidate for a job like ‘clean up’, or for extensive Obedience training. You can also enroll them in activities like Barn Hunt to keep them occupied!

Related Questions

How Do You Entertain a Rottweiler?

Entertaining a Rottweiler can be challenging. To keep their minds and bodies occupied, make sure that they have plenty of interactive toys. Give them a job, or a task to occupy them. Many Rottweilers do well with a special task to perform, such as watching over family members or cleaning up after themselves.

Can Rottweilers Be Left Home Alone?

Rottweilers can be left home alone for small periods. Rottweilers can be left alone for up to six hours. After this period, they can become bored and destructive. They should also be walked more often than this period allows for, so make sure to hire a dog sitter if you know you will be gone for longer than six hours at a time.

At What Age Does a Rottweiler Calm Down?

Your Rottweiler will be ‘hyper’ for about 2 years. After they reach the two-year mark, they will calm down significantly. However, some Rottweilers won’t fully calm until they are around 4 or 5 years old. Still, the first two years of their lives are the most hyperactive. If you can survive these years, it’s less of a struggler.

Do Rottweilers Get Separation Anxiety?

Rottweilers can get bad separation anxiety if their owner or primary caregiver is gone for long periods. This looks different than boredom. A Rottweiler experiencing separation anxiety might pant, bark, or chew excessively. These can be behaviors brought on by boredom, but separation anxiety is likely the culprit if you spend long hours away from your dog.


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