20 Stimulating Jobs for Your Great Pyrenees

jobs for great pyrenees

The Great Pyrenees requires near-constant mental and physical stimulation. Without it, they can become loud, destructive, or listless. Keeping them entertained and engaged is important, which is why you should try out some of the ‘jobs’ listed below.

Jobs for your Great Pyrenees include herding other small animals, keeping track of the family, patrolling their territory, and more. While Great Pyrenees are difficult to train, they thrive when they have a purpose that they find worthwhile. But guard duties aren’t the only tasks you can assign to your Pyr.

It’s in your best interest to keep your Pyr busy – trust us on this. The following jobs, activities, and ongoing games can help your Pyr find purpose and avoid dangerous boredom.

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Do Great Pyrenees Need a Job?

Great Pyrenees are extremely energetic dogs. They require near-constant exercise and stimulation to keep them interested and focused. To this end, giving them a job is one of the best things you can do.

Of course, as with all dog ‘jobs’, formal training is usually not required. A job can be a task you give them, a routine you get them into, or something you train them to do. Even a game you play with them can be a ‘job’.

Great Pyrenees are a little difficult to convince, especially when it comes to jobs. Since they are notoriously difficult to train, it can be a challenge to get them to perform a job. When giving a Pyr a job, make sure to make it worthwhile for them.

Benefits of Jobs for Dogs

Dogs thrive when they have a purpose. Dogs bred for ‘work’ still have the instincts they used for their original calling. For the Great Pyrenees, that’s guarding and herding. For other dogs, it might be game hunting or agility.
Whatever it is, it’s important to nurture these instincts.

Your dog will feel more fulfilled if you find them a job that plays into their instincts. Channeling that energy productively is a great way to keep your dog’s body and mind healthy. Plus, it avoids destructive or bored behaviors, which can lead to catastrophic results for some breeds.

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Consequences of a Bored Great Pyrenees

Some breeds become extremely destructive when they’re bored. While some Great Pyrenees can do this, they generally default to other ways to deal with boredom. A bored Pyr can become listless or disinterested. They may also bark excessively if they’re bored.

To avoid your dog exhibiting this type of behavior, it’s a good idea to keep them busy.

Job Ideas for Your Great Pyrenees

If your Great Pyrenees is bored or requires an outlet for their energy, consider the following ‘job’ ideas. Every job won’t work for every Pyr. Some require special training or circumstances. Still, you’re sure to find something that your Pyr will love to do.

Outdoor Jobs for your Pyr

1. Patrol the Backyard

The first outdoor job for your Great Pyrenees is, simply put, what they were made for. Pyrs are guard dogs first and foremost, and they are used to protecting their flock. Pyrs will go to every length to patrol the perimeter of their territory.

So let them! Encourage this behavior if you have a completely fenced-in yard. Send them out several times a day just to check out what’s going on. Make it fun for them by rewarding them with treats and even patrolling with them.

2. Escape Games

This game might be more difficult to accomplish. It’s also inadvisable to encourage ‘escape’ type behavior if you want to train your Pyr out of taking these opportunities. If you’re willing to give them the time and the room to indulge in these behaviors, it can work out great for them.

Pyrs love to dig under fences, open locks, and discover how gates and latches open. Your Pyr can find mental stimulation in these activities.

3. Herding Chickens

This ‘job’ isn’t going to work for every dog, and it’s not for every owner. However, if you can find the energy or drive to own chickens, your Pyr will thank you. There are testimonials from multiple Great Pyrenees owners that getting three or four chickens eliminated their Pyrs’ boredom.

It takes a lot. You’ll need a chicken coop, the space to house them, and other precautions. However, your Great Pyrenees will make it their sole job to watch over the chickens, herd the chickens around, and spend time with their ‘flock’.

4. Hiking Companion

If you love to hike, take your Great Pyrenees with you! Dog-friendly trails are perfect for getting your Great Pyrenees out of the house. If they are good on a leash, take them to walk with you. Not only are they great athletic partners, but they are perfect at sensing danger and keeping you safe.

5. Backpacking Expert

Whether you’re camping, hiking, or backpacking from place to place, the Great Pyrenees is perfectly suited for the job. They are massive dogs, so they can easily carry their gear (including food!). Buy them a dog backpacking system and take them with you. They can even help with some of your lighter camping gear!
Plus, it will wear them out and keep them from becoming idle or overweight.

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6. Pest Control

Not every Pyr will take to pest control. Not every owner wants their Pyr to keep ‘pests’ away. But if you and your dog are willing, your Great Pyrenees can be excellent pest control for your yard. Mice, voles, squirrels, and other pests are no match for your Pyr. They don’t often chase game, but you just might be able to convince them.

7. Digging Holes

Do you like to garden? If you do, your Great Pyrenees may be your best gardening companion. Pyrs are great excavators. They love to dig, and they will gladly dig up just about anything you want them to. Provided you train them to dig on command (and in only the spots you want), you’ll never have to touch a shovel again.
The hose, on the other hand, is a different story. Great Pyrenees have thick fur, and if they help you dig, they’re going to need a bath.

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8. Nosework

Nosework (or scent work) may require special training, but it’s great for your Great Pyrenees. Not only is it a great way to stimulate their mind, but you can work as a team with your dog. There are competitions for dogs that can sniff out the correct smells on demand.

According to the AKC, scent work as a sport creates new, unique challenges. There’s nothing better for keeping your Great Pyrenees’ mind working.

Indoor Jobs for your Great Pyrenees

9. Hide and Seek

Your Great Pyrenees loves playing games and Hide and Seek is an easy one to play inside. Since Pyrs are extremely intelligent, you can train them to play hide and seek with you. Hide in increasingly out-of-the-way locations and have them find you. They’ll love the challenge, and you can even get your kids in on the action.
This works for toys as well. Hide toys or treats around the house and have your Pyr find them.

10. Household Watch

Your Great Pyrenees is extremely intelligent. They can pick up on unacceptable behaviors quickly. If you reprimand your children for a behavior that you don’t approve of, your Pyr might just become a tattletale.
Some Pyrenees owners have reported that their dogs will bark at them if they forget to turn off a light, leave the door unlocked, or don’t clean up after themselves. They’re great at pointing out and reinforcing behaviors you don’t want!

11. Puzzle Toys

Puzzle toys can be a great thing for any intelligent dog, and Great Pyrenees are no different. You’ll find that many dog toy companies make a host of puzzle toys. These include hidden treats, moving mechanisms, and a lot of dexterity-based activities.

Puzzle toys can stimulate your Great Pyr’s mind, but beware of overfeeding them treats. Use toys that give different rewards (such as hidden stuffed animals).

12. Turning off Light Switches

Great Pyrenees are surprisingly dexterous and they love a challenge. You can teach your Pyr to turn the lights on and off at the switch. Send them into the room ahead of you or when you have your hands full to turn the lights on. When you forget to turn them off, send your Pyr in on a special mission to turn them off again.
Beware that your Pyr might make a game of turning the lights on and off repeatedly. They are goofballs at the end of the day.

13. Learning Childproof Locks

Childproof locks are a mystery to most dogs, but the most intelligent breeds can figure them out quickly. That’s the case with Great Pyrenees. Learning how to spring a childproof lock can be great fun for them, so consider setting up some locks even if you don’t have kids. They might just appreciate the challenge and enjoy springing them.

14. Cat Babysitter

If you have cats or other dogs, your Great Pyrenees can be a great babysitter for them. For example, they might bark or discourage behavior from the other animals if you’ve reprimanded them before. Your Pyr might bark to get a cat off of a surface where they don’t belong or stop them from shredding the couch.
Make sure that your Pyr is not extremely aggressive or prone to injuring your other animals. This might not be the best idea for them.

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15. Chewing Toys

One of the most common complaints about Great Pyrenees is their chewing habits. To combat this, get them a ton of chewing toys. Their job is just to chew on them! Some of the largest Kong toys are extremely durable, and you can hide treats or a meal inside.

Plus, giving them a ton of chew toys may keep them away from the things you don’t want to be chewed. Redirecting their behavior can help!

16. Child Babysitting

It’s not always a good idea to leave your dog in charge of your kids. Especially if you aren’t supervising, this can become a disastrous situation quickly. However, you can always give your Great Pyrenees the job of watching your kids while you’re all outside together. With a bonded family, your Pyr will follow the kids around and gently herd them away from ‘danger’.

It can be a great way to keep them both occupied so you can relax!

17. House Checks

Your Great Pyrenees is a guard dog, as you’ve probably experienced. One of the ways to stimulate this behavior without inconveniencing your family is to have them perform ‘house checks’. Train you Pyr to go room by room to see if anything is amiss. They’ll love it, and their instincts will be satisfied.

You can do this at any time, including when you get home or before you leave. Bonus points if your Pyr loves opening locks or doors – shut all the doors and make them work to check it out.

18. Trade

The Great Pyrenees is not much of a retriever, but they do have a habit of picking up the odd thing that you won’t want them to swallow. Consider playing a game of ‘trade’ when this occurs. Give them a toy, treat, or something else of high value in exchange for the thing you don’t want them to have.
Do this enough, and your Pyr will make finding unsavory things his ‘job’.

19. Keeping Track of Family Members

Due to the way your Great Pyrenees is wired, he likely considers your family his ‘flock’. He’ll want to keep track of where they are. A great job you can give him is to ‘find’ your family members. He’ll look all over the house and report back when he’s found them safely.
Water Games for your Great Pyrenees

20. Herding Rubber Ducks

Great Pyrenees are very polarized about water. They either love it or they hate it. If you introduce your Great Pyrenees to water as a puppy, they might end up loving it. To get started, you can nurture your puppy’s herding instinct with a kiddie pool and a bunch of rubber ducks.

Fill the bottom of the pool with a few inches of water and let your pup herd the rubber ducks around. It’s an instinct, a game, and even a ‘job’!


Keeping your Great Pyrenees busy can be difficult. With a little work, you can find a job that they enjoy. Entertaining their minds and bodies is key, so make sure to try multiple jobs before you find the one that works best.

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How Do I Keep My Great Pyrenees Busy?

To keep your Great Pyrenees busy, give them something to do. Give them a ‘job’ or task to perform regularly. This will keep them busy and stimulated.

How To Keep your Great Pyrenees Entertained

It can be a bit difficult to keep your Great Pyrenees entertained. They are extremely intelligent, so use puzzle toys to stimulate their minds. Constant exercise is required to keep them entertained as well.

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